Web 2.0 Course Assignments

Introductory Post

My wife and I call British Columbia home, although that is not where I grew up nor is it where we now live.  I grew up in South America where my parents were working.  I have also lived in Ontario and Alberta.  My first five years of teaching were in Maple Ridge B.C. where I taught grades 6 and 7.  In 2005 my wife and I entered the world of international teaching.  Our first experience was in Guatemala where I taught grade 5, at Colegio Maya, a private international school with a diverse student population. Following this experience we accepted teaching positions with Saudi Aramco Schools in Saudi Arabia.  My wife and I are now living in Saudi Arabia where our day is your night and our weekends are Thursday and Friday.  This year I will be experiencing another big change as I have taken over the library position here and will be serving students from K – 9th grade.  

We have just begun our exploration of Web 2.0 but already I have learned and been challenged.  Integrating technology in the classroom is not new to me.  Six years ago I completed a graduate diploma called, Teaching and Learning in an Information Technology Environment.  Although that was only six years ago, I am finding that now, much has changed and that it’s a whole new world in technology.  As I have been going through the process of reading about, and setting up, Facebook, Google Reader, and this Blog I have felt a bit overwhelmed but also excited by the new potential.  I don’t feel that what I had previously learned, and have been using in my teaching, is obsolete but rather, it will be enhanced by what I am learning now. 

It has been a very busy few weeks of “play” as the course has gotten under way.  Setting up my blog has gone relatively smoothly although I have not yet ventured far from the basic.  I have chosen to use WordPress as my blog publishing tool.  I had looked at many blogs that people had set up and tended to like those which used WordPress.  From my research it seemed that it and Blogger were both good and were equally user-friendly.  I still have a few kinks to figure out but for the most part I have it up and running.  Although setting up my Facebook account was straightforward technically, it has been a struggle for my personality to give in and sign up.  I am a person who likes solitude in my free time and email and Vonage have worked well for keeping in touch with my family and close friends.   So, although my wife has been enjoying using Facebook for years, I have not had any desire to get involved.  It will certainly be an interesting trial.

I am excited about the learning I have done and continue to do.  I look forward to now learning with and from you in the months ahead.

  1. Wen
    September 26, 2009 at 7:08 am

    I’ve been contemplating starting up a blog myself. Maybe this is the incentive I need!

  2. Joanne de Groot
    September 18, 2009 at 5:36 pm

    Thanks for an interesting introductory post, Bruce. You have had some excellent adventures as a teacher in different countries. Good luck as you dive into Facebook–you don’t have to maintain your account after the course is done if you don’t enjoy it! But I think it is important for all teachers to give all these tools an honest try since they are so important to our students (and sometimes our families)!


  3. September 11, 2009 at 7:33 am

    Great photos to personalize your space. Good work on your blog adventure too!

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